Hack Double mass, 3x Speed & Rainbow Snake.

About Hack

The Hack can let you cheat into the game and ranked on top among other players. The game was very popular after its released, and unlike the old version, the new once can be hacked or operated just so you can level up among your competitors.

As it is a game that can be played by a lot of players, hence the competition being tough and the Hack can help you gain the benefits that you need to excel.





The first time I see this game, the, the first game that came to my mind is the game “Snake” that I used to play in my old Nokia mobile phone before. The goal is exactly just the same, grow yourself to be the longest snake in the game.

It is the massively browser game that can be played by lot s of players. This game is developed by Steve Hose.  And in this game, the players will control their avatar which looks like a snake. These snakes will consume multi coloured pellets that can be acquired from other players. Some pellets can also be found just naturally laying on the map in the game so the snake can grow in size.

The mobile version of this game was released for Android and then it ranked first right after its release this year.

How It Works

  • Click on “Online Hack” red button
  • Go to the website hack
  • Click Start Hack


  • Invisibility cheat
  • Anti-Lag cheat
  • God-Mode cheat
  • Double mass cheat
  • 3x Speed cheat
  • Rainbow Snake cheat
  • Banning prevention
  • Automatic Update
  • Easy-to-use Interface

 Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for Hack so your avatar snake will be the longest snake in the game.

  • Feast

Basically, the initial goal is to eat as much as you want so you can grow longer in size. But you have to be very careful of the bigger snakes and avoid them as much as possible. So do not get too complacent or be self-assured. Unless, you want to be a meal yourself.

  • Wrap Around

The wrap around is a strategy you can try to use. You can use this because when you grow into a certain size, you may want to take a chance and make a fool on other snakes by running into you so you can eat up the dots that they will become.

What you need to do is to find a smaller snake near you and encircle the snake so it will be surrounded and the only choice it will have is to run into you.

  • Speed or Dash

Dashing can have a lot of advantage if you use it as a strategy. All you need to do is you tap two times then hold down on the computer or the screen. Dashing occurs, when you hold down the left-click button on the mouse resulting for the snake to speed up in the direction that you gave and it will remain dashing until you let go.

  • Big Snakes Die, Stay at the Back

The key is to restrain yourself. When the large snake dies, this will lure a massive number of snakes hoping to eat up the coloured remains. Imagine the chaos and the bloodbath that this can create as the snakes will collide into each other.

What you can do, is just to standby nearby and be the last one to dive in for the kill. If you will be able to restrain yourself, then you will enjoy the remains of the less restrained snakes that are competing.


This game, the can be manipulated through Hack and it is not a difficult thing to do.

With the help of Hack, players can now have the chance to gain unlimited perks necessary for them to advance their level in the game. This game can also be played for both platforms and other devices are found to be compatible with the Hack. There is no need for you to spend a lot of a cash to level yourself up in the game.
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